Welcome to Sunrise Midwifery!


We offer complete and holistic care throughout all phases of pregnancy and

birth.  For low risk healthy women, natural birth at home or birthing center offer a nice

alternative. Have your baby safely and comfortably in the setting you desire.


Appointments are typically scheduled for one hour with plenty of time to have your

questions answered.  We offer Saturday appointments so that everyone in your family

can attend.  Each prenatal visit includes an assessment of baby’s position, size, fetal heart

beat and overall well being.  We also check mother’s blood pressure, pulse, weight and

uterine growth. During your pregnancy, we offer all routine laboratory testing and ultrasound.  


Sunrise Midwifery's prenatal schedule consists of monthly visits until the 28th week, every

2 weeks until the 36th week followed by weekly visits until your baby's birth. Birth takes

place in your home, birthcenter or a location that you find desirable.   Doula support is

also available to provide you with the comfort and support you need during your birth. 

Postpartum care includes all newborn testing, birth certificate, home visits following your

birth, and postpartum care for both mother and newborn for up to 6 weeks


Midwifery care provides a safe alternative at a cost of approximately 1/3 less than

that of a typical hospital birth. We provide superior care that is thoughtful, respectful and

peaceful for both mother and her newborn.  We are located in historic downtown

Mesa Arizona and offer a birth center option in downtown Phoenix.   Our offices are

comfortable and welcoming with room to relax and enjoy your prenatal visits.  


We welcome all types of families, lifestyles and beliefs. 

Serving the East Valley and the Phoenix Metro Area.

(Willing to travel outside of the Phoenix Area for an additional fee)


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