*Prenatal Care

*Laboratory Testing (in office)


*Personalized Birth Plan

*Doula Support

*Thoughtful and respectful monitoring throughout  your labor and birth

*Waterbith (birth pool rental available)

*Birth positioning with focus on mother's comfort

*Encouragement and support for birth partner to assist and catch baby

*Delayed Cord Clamping

*Lotus Birth

*Complete Newborn Exam

*Baby Footprints

*Breastfeeding Support

*Placenta Encapsulation (more information)

*Respectful unhurried postpartum care for mother and her newborn

*Home Visit (prenatally)

*Birth Certificate

*Newborn Testing

*Postpartum Care (in home visits)

*Non-hormonal Birth Control

*Insurance Accepted

*AHCCCS  Discount

*Payment Plan Available

*Credit Cards Accepted

*Se habla espanol

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